Canva Training

Canva training for Educators.

Visit to access the website. Create a login using your school district Google account to access all the goodies Canva has to offer.

On the home screen you will find various graphic design options for printing or downloading.

When you select the Poster option, you will have access to templates that you can use, or you can create from scratch. Look around and see the many options available to you.

Under the Elements tab, you can search various images, borders and patterns that can fit the theme of your design.

Under the Text tab, this is where you can search various fonts and heading styles.

Under the Share button, you will find various file types to download your image as.

You can order and print directly from Canva for excellent prices, or if you have another printing company that you use, you can save file type that is needed

Canva is a user friendly option to create flyers, posters, and printed materials.